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Madina Academy Edu Travel

Who are we?

Madinah Academy EduTravel provides teens and youths (secondary school students) in Australia, New Zealand and the South pacific island Countries with a safe, fun, engaging learning experience and HalaalTravel while travelling and exploring the world.


Learning beyond classroom

Why madina Travel EDU?

Islamic Character and Personality Development

EduTravel offers the best informal setup for discussion, dialogues, meetings and experiences which helps in developing various life skills.

  Understand and expand worldview

While away from home and the ease of a regular support system, students have opportunities to see what they are capable of accomplishing by themselves. Experiencing another place and culture is an opportunity to appreciate what they already have and realize the importance of the little things that often go unnoticed.

Cross Cultural Experience

Students travel to different countries and are exposed to various ideas, customs, social behaviour and livelihood of other societies.

        Experiential Learning

Learning is more effective and beneficial when it comes through travel, experiencesand exploration.

Madinah Academy EduTravel Includes

  • Each travel includes all essential expenses (Ticketing, Accommodation, Meals, Transportation, and places of visits)
  • Full-time Professional Travel Guide and Teacher (Male & Female)
  • Special visits, structured and organized programs
  • Fun, sports, and lifetime experience


About Madinah Academy EduTravel Guide

Passionate, Compassionate and Energetic EduTravel Guide and Educator with several years of experience accompanying travellers on trips and to various locations in different parts of the world. Experienced in leading, guiding and teaching Umrah, Hajj and Education groups for more than 10 years, alhamdulillah. You will have incredible travel experience to New Zealand, Fiji, Malaysia, Maldives, Makkah, Madinah and much more with Ustaaz Naseem and Sister Raowa, Inshallah. Travel to see, believe and experience!

International Youth Conference  & Camps


• Travel and Participate in different youth conferences and camps
• Be a volunteer Facilitator in Youth conferences and camps
Umrah & Leadership
• Travel to perform umrah, visit and learn about the historical sites
• Participate in various leadership workshops locally and internationally


Education & Cultural Visits
• Students will travel to attend and visit various education programs
• Local and International destinations
Sports & Games
•students will travel to play, experience, compete
• Locally and Internationally

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